Michael Jordan in Flight

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No other player on the court can run, shoot or dunk with the style, "...skill and grace..." of Michael Jordan ! But now you have all of Michael's moves in your hand as you control him in the ultimate basketball game ! It's three on three gameplay with three levels of difficulty to choose from - Street Ball, College Ball and Pro Ball ! Step onto the court and help Michael score points with all his best moves - pass, shoot, steal the ball, slam dunk and score ! Shoot a 3 pointer, if you score, Michael will give you a " thumbs up ! " So get ready to rule the court in Jordan's shoes - this time you've got the power with all his moves !

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Play against the computer ! You have 24 seconds to shoot the ball just like in a real basketball game ! Pass to Michael before time runs out !

Shoot the ball at the 3 point line ! If you make the basket, Michael will give you a "thumbs up" sign !

Play as defense or offense. Keep track of the ball so that you can pass to your teammate !

Watch for Michael Jordan when he's free - he's your best bet of making the basket !


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Contributed by Hipolito Pichardo.

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