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Let's Build a Zoo: Dinosaur Island

Moby ID: 185004

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Windows credits (2022)

84 people (43 professional roles, 41 thanks)


Springloaded are Anggun Qistina, Jemma Gilbert, Cindy Lee Xin Ting (as Cindy Lee), Yvonne Goh, Socnau, Christine Lim, Lim Ying Jin, James Barnard
Platform Eggone Zainal
Spring Business Loo Jian De, Lydia Lok
Intern Nurul Nisha
QA Glitch Burst Chua Wei Jian

Published by No More Robots

Publishing Director Mike Rose
Development Director Dan Foster
Production Director Sophie Smart
Marketing Lead Pip Hoskins
Marketing Assistant Zayaan Ahmad
QA Lead Callum Straw
QA Testers Stacey Satchell, Adam Day, Haru Nicol
Programmers Jared Chickoree, Dan Brodie, Liz Wright
Character Artist Georgi Urumov
Events and Charity Coordinator Arwyn Brock


Spanish J. Ruiz Machuca
Japanese Tokio Okada (as Toki Okada), On Takahashi
Chinese KenBoNely
French Alexis Barroso, Nicolas Gagné, Elina Mâcon, Pierre Techoueyres
German Carolina Caluri, Michael Stein
Thai Ampika O., Alipreeya C.


Thanks To Sarah Northway, Lee Shu Yun (as Shu Yun Lee), Mary-Anne Lee, Danger Critter, Banjamin Marsh, Florian Raoult, Mark Cronin, Stephen Hey, Merge Games, Jesús Hormigo, Julien Girard-Buttoz, eBoy, Marcel's Hangout, Lambda Mu, Ming Long, Mike Gordon, Zachary Huntley, Leoful, Kongregate, Peter Ekymans, David Chiu, Our discord community
Engine Proudly made with XNA, Ported to PC with Monogame, XNA Installer FlatRedBall, Code version: 163
In memory of Coco the Dog, Haggis the Westie-Dog, Pudding the Hamster, Albert the Rescue Dog, Peter the Rabbit, Kimberly the Rabbit, Diamond the Pogona, Texas MF the Pig, Martin the Sausage Dog, Donald the Boxer Dog, Whiskers the Rabbit, Whiskey the Rabbit, Tina the Fighting Fish, Denise the Fighting Fish, Max the Terrapin, Naughty Boy the Hamster, Mickey the baby Rodent, Sweetie & Pikachu the Chinchillas, Yacko and Nanouk the Cats
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