House Party: Explicit Content Add-On

Moby ID: 188248

This DLC patch adds in a bunch of stuff deemed "too adult" for mainstream consumption, unlike murder, decapitation, dismemberment and genocide. All that stuff is A-OK, and deemed much safer for your well being than seeing a nipple or heavens forbid... genitalia!

No need to download sketchy mods from the internet to crack open full nudity and sexy times! We've got you covered. House Party is all about choice, and we think the choice of adult content for 18+ players shouldn't be something that is only available as player mods or hacks of the game. This DLC delivers all new content into the game, replacing many of the cutscenes and scenarios with high quality steamy scenes, guaranteed to blow those Sims mods out of the water. Unfortunately, we need to keep this content in a separate DLC, otherwise we aren't able to sell the game on many platforms. The small cost is to cover the extra work involved with splitting the product. It's 2022, and we've got it all backwards. Let's normalize this shit! There's no reason this content needs to be locked away, unlike the plethora of violence that's allowed to exist unchecked. It's ALL adult content, so let's make love, not war for a change!

Almost forgot to mention; This DLC is packed with girl on guy, girl on girl, guy on guy, girl on girl on guy, guy on guy on girl... you get the picture. Not only are we not prudes, but we embrace all walks of life!

Here's the content this pack adds to the game:

  • Over 28 new extended, sexy, and explicit cutscenes created specifically for this add-on
  • Dozens more cutscenes coming soon and being developed solely for this add-on
  • Addition of detailed and explicit nude textures for the player and all NPCs
  • Additional "too hot for mainstream" content in various questlines
  • Optional removal of "Terrible things are happening" censor bars
  • Optional removal of mosaic nudity censors
  • Sandbox ability to "whip it out" (or "whip them out" if playing as a female)
  • Sandbox ability to "pleasure yourself"
  • Sandbox ability to pee and bladder UI meter
  • Sandbox ability to touch NPCs
  • Dynamic erections to surrounding elements for NPCs and the player. Seriously. That's a thing
  • Access to legacy sex system/scenes and orgasm UI meter
  • Reactions from all NPCs to the various sandbox elements

We will continue to maintain this patch as an optional AO rated patch as a counter to the changes the "powers that be" require us to make to allow the base game to maintain an "M" rating. It's a necessary thing so that this game and our future games can continue to thrive both in and out of the mainstream, ensuring the stability of our company, which in turn means much more cool stuff to come down the line! House Party is all about choice, and we are committed to delivering the choice of adult content to our 18+ players, and to combat the regulations surrounding this type of content in video games as opposed to gratuitous violence, and exposing the hypocrisy and discrimination of creators of this type of content by the people who make these silly rules.

This add-on used to be free because it originally only uncensored the base game. If you downloaded it for free in the past, you will still own it permanently and will not be affected by the change. The reason the price was changed is because of the extra costs involved with maintaining two products. Additionally, this ain't no "FuckCensorship.txt" anymore. We've added tons of new content that was developed specifically for this add-on over the past few years, and we have more content planned to be added to it in the future. The price is small, and is simply aimed at covering the costs involved with maintaining and developing this as a separate product, which we unfortunately have to do because of industry guidelines. The small charge allows us to continue to keep creating NEW content for this DLC. We announced this news in October of 2021. You can read more about it here:


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