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Lucy Dreaming

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Windows credits (2022)

51 people (42 professional roles, 9 thanks) with 58 credits.

Tall Story Games

Concept Tom Hardwidge
Writing Tom Hardwidge
Artwork Tom Hardwidge
Development Tom Hardwidge
Starring Erik Range (credited as Gronkh), Karen Wan, Arnold Toth
Voices Emma Hardwidge, David Howlett, Dominic Armato, Natalie Winter, Sally Beaumont, Tom Hardwidge, Alan Gillhespy, Savy Des-Etages, Robin Hardwidge, Anne Duckworth, Mitesh Soni
Music Bertrand Gu├ęgan (@BertrandGuegan)
German Localisation Hans Pieper, Eva
Executive Producer Martin Hardwidge
Amazing Testers Bertrand Gu├ęgan, Ben Hardwidge, Fabio Guggeri (Guga), Rachael Churchill, Alex Churchill, Jessi81, Esmeralda, Johnny Nys, David Younger, Sophie Younger, Jonas Fisch, Hans Pieper, Juho Rutila (Nice Game Hints), Warren Fields (DRONE), Kevin Wickenden, Sean J. Fox, Paul James, tcmsurfer, Amy Tant, Eva, Majros the Mad Cow, EdVonix, John Norbury, Vicki Norbury, Alastair Low
Special Thanks to My friends and family, The whole adventure game dev community, Bruno Ferrari, James Hambleton-Plumb, Phil Birchenall, Stephen Hay, Rob Hewson, UK Games Fund, Visionaire Studio
LanaPixel font ┬ę 2020 eishiya
Rhubarb lip-sync created by Daniel S. Wolf (@DanielSWolf)
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