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Death Rally

aka: Death Race, Death Rally (Classic), Death Rally: Death in the Fast Lane, Hi-Speed
Moby ID: 256

DOS version

Cool & Addictive little game

The Good
-The easy gameplay. Just head out on the track and have some fun. -I loved the black market option where you can buy various upgrades that aren't available in the standard market. Like the turbobooster, spikes to ram your opponent with, mines and off course the sabotage. - The music is also great. Most games from that time used MIDI's. This game uses MOD's. - I also loved all the offers from various underground crooks. They can ask you to pick up some narcotics along the way and finish first before everyone would know about it, or they can ask you to disable a specific driver. All these little opportunities pay off even better then finishing first.

The Bad
Well the shareware version was harder than the full version. That's because you can't buy everything from the black market at once in the shareware version. In the full version you could buy everything from the blackmarket.

The Bottom Line
This is a fun little game that is extremely addictive, because you'll have to make a name for yourself. It's easy gameplay makes it even more addictive. It's hard to win, but it's easy to play.

You won't be disappointed.

by Goteki45 (323) on July 20th, 2003

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