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Windows credits (1998)

35 people (28 professional roles, 7 thanks) with 38 credits.

Lego Media International

Producer Rob Smith
Localisation Manager Cara McMullan
QA Manager Tony Miller
QA Testing Josh Collins, Scott Mackintosh, Tomas Gillo, Dave Upchurch, Cara McMullan, Rob Smith, Michelle Richmond, Paul Wilson
Full Motion Video Full Fat Productions

Intelligent Games

Executive Producer Matthew Stibbe
Director of Development Kevin Shrapnell
Team Leader Dee Jarvis
Programmers Simon Evers, Bruce Heather, Suzanne Maddison, Philip Veale, Daniel Wheeler
Artists Cornelis E. Gajentaan, Dee Jarvis
Assistant Producer Lee Morse
Testers Daniel Bailie, Jamie Ferguson, Malcolm Lamont, Andy Spanswick
Sound Recording Audio Interactive, Richard Joseph
Voice Talent David Holt, Eve Karpf
Additional Thanks Laurence Scotford, Mark Livingstone, Caroline, Stu, Rob, Thomas, Hanne
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Credits contributed by Kabushi.