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Snow Break

aka: Extreme Snow Break
Moby ID: 26828

PlayStation version

A above-average NTSC-J and PAL snowboarding game. Don't expect anything more

The Good
First of all, the game first got a Japan release in January 1998, and it got a PAL release two months later the same year. In Japan it was published by Atlus, while in Europe it was published by Microids (now known as MC2-Microids). It was developed by Visual Studio Entertainment. The game is a downhill snowboarding (or skiing) game in five (one locked) courses which are: The Valley, The Forest, The Cable Way, the Castle and the Town at nighttime. If you beat the game you get a sixth course, which is really hard. There are four available characters at the start but you can get a hidden character if you beat the game on the hard difficulty, even the AI is easy on all difficulties. The gameplay is straight forward, with obstacles in the way. The music, while in CD audio format, really adds in to the atmosphere. On the other hand the sound is okay at best.

The Bad
The camera itself, which gives you a headache, and it zig zags most of the time. There is a little replay value. You beat the game, that's it. Turn off the system and you're done for.

The Bottom Line
I would recommend this game if you haven't heard of any games from Microids during the 1996 to 2001 era. However, get Cool Boarders 2 if you want a downhill snowboarding game. It never came out to the US, if you're interested, you would import it. I could give this game a 3 out of 5.

by BlaringCoder (169) on February 6th, 2016

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