aka: Scavenger 4
Moby ID: 271

DOS version

The Full-Motion Shooter

The Good
Novastorm shined in two departments: a solid, pre-rendered atmosphere heightened by an excellent electronic soundtrack. The game came out during the infancy of "high speed" CD-ROM drives and the proliferation of full-motion video driven adventures. As a shooter it held up well: exciting, unpredictable fly-throughs and interesting level bosses. The first level threw the player into a lava-laden planet surface and later took him/her into icy terrains as well as space. Novastorm's weapons were the standard pea-shooter as well as a smart bomb or two. It was basic, but the variance in levels kept things fresh and challenging.

The Bad
Because the entire backdrop was pre-rendered full motion video, I never quite knew what zones would damage the craft. As such, certain segments became a case of trial and error.

The Bottom Line
Novastorm was a computer-fair showcase alongside the latest PCs of the time. Although most computers won't run it now, Novastorm will be remembered as a creative shooter that fans should not have missed. Arguably one of the best soundtracks in a shoot 'em up.

by James P. Wong (2402) on January 19th, 2004

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