Carnivores: Ice Age

aka: Carnivores: Ice Age Pro
Moby ID: 3078

Windows version

Good hunting game.

The Good
The graphics are a lot better than the other ones. The animals themselves are cool, my fav being the carnivorous bird. I like how they used the red deer call for the giant deer. I like it second.

The Bad
Even though the graphics are better than the other ones, they're still pretty poor compared to today's games. The animals also have many flaws. They don't attack each other (although they didn't in the other ones). Also the brontotherium, archeopteryx, and diatryma (meat-eating bird) didn't live during the ice age. I also had to download a patch to give it some of the features it was missing on the xp. It also says that the giant deer and bronotherium are harmless, which when I first played found to be wrong. The "secret" animal is VERY annoying!

The Bottom Line
This game is "good." It isn't much different than Carnivores 2, which I thought was better. If you want the best out of this game, then download the patch, otherwise you're missing out on stuff like blood and glare from the sun. I would give it a 3/5.

by Ethan Miller (10) on March 20th, 2007

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