Rayman 3

Moby ID: 30946

Game Boy Advance version

A fun platform game that will please newbies more than the fans.

The Good
This game has a pretty good storyline and fun characters. Gameplay is very good but it's not to different from earlier Rayman games. The levels require good reflexes and may be a little difficult for players new to the platform genre but if you played more platform games, especially Rayman games, this shouldn't be a very hard game. There is a decent replay value. If you collect all the lums (little yellow lights) in each of the four worlds at all levels a bonus level will be unlocked. Furthermore there are some multiplayer levels but nothing too special. Also included is a NGC link to download extra levels that make this game a bit longer. The thing that I liked most is definitely the graphics. This was (and still is) one of the most satisfying GBA games when it comes to graphics. Everything looks fresh and colorful and is displayed pixel perfect. The levels are drawn in a dreamy and comic book like style though the levels themselves are a bit boring because they look so empty sometimes, but that's not really a problem. The characters are also richly animated and Rayman has had a bit of a face-lift (don't worry, he still hasn't got limbs). When I first played this I had never before seen such a beautiful GBA game. Graphically this is simply brilliant.

The Bad
- It's not really refreshing from previous games and just uses the same characters and style which makes it lose a bit of the fresh feel. Gameplay hasn't changed at all, so this may be more fun for Rayman newbies rather than the fans. Fans are better of with the console version. - As I mentioned before, the levels are sometimes a bit empty. This is mostly because of the lack of scenery enemies and bonuses. There should have been more of those, that would also have made the replay better. This makes the levels a bit boring despite of the beautiful and colorful graphics.

The Bottom Line
A great game if you didn't play Rayman advance but if you did you'll be better of with the Rayman 3D games on the consoles and Nintendo DS or Rayman 3's sequel, Rayman Hoodlum's revenge which is an isometric GBA platform game.

by Rensch (203) on November 7th, 2007

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