Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen

aka: Der Ring des Nibelungen, Ring: El anillo de los Nibelungos, Ring: L'Anneau des Nibelungen , Ring: La Leggenda dei Nibelunghi, Ringen
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Windows credits (1998)

116 people (110 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 142 credits.


Presents Cryo Interactive Entertainment
A Production by Arxel Tribe, Anne Carri├Ęre Multimedia, Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Adapted from the Opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen (Das Rheingold, Die Walk├╝re)" by Richard Wagner (1813-1883)
Music Directed by Georg Solti (Sir), Wiener Philharmoniker, Wiener Staatsopernchor
┬ę 1997 The Decca Record Company Limited [London]
Original Design by Philippe Druillet
Game Developed by Arxel Tribe

Arxel Tribe

Produced by Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Anne Carri├Ęre Multimedia, Arxel Tribe
Scenario by Stephen Carri├Ęre
Production Management Guillaume de Fondaumi├Ęre, Diego Zanco
Based on the Story by Richard Wagner, The Scandinavian Legend of the Edda
Original Music Composed by Richard Wagner


Game Designed by Stephen Carri├Ęre
Art Director Nicolas Fructus
Dialogue Written by B├ęryl Chanteux
Interface Designer Doroteja Mole
Gameplay Supervisor Hubert Chardot


Graphic Design by Philippe Druillet
3D Graphics Supervisor Matja┼ż Po┼żlep
3D Graphics Management Denis Ro┼żaj, Predrag Petrovi─ç
Lead Model Designer Matic Kragelj
Lead Lighting Artist Uro┼í ─îade┼ż
3D Characters IPR Laurent-Paul Robert
Animation Supervisor Samo Homšak
3D Computer Graphics Designers Denis Ro┼żaj, Predrag Petrovi─ç, Primo┼ż Gorjup, Aljo┼ía Rot, Ale┼í Krajnc, Laurent-Paul Robert, Denis Zenzerovi─ç


Lead Programmer Vasko ─îuturilo
CinMovieÔäó & CinViewÔäó Head Programmers Toma┼ż Kristan, Nevenka Kristan, Matija Kostevc
Data Processing Miloš Sluga Jr.
Programmers Milan Baloh, Boštjan Troha
Music Consultants Michel Colin, David Rinaldy
Audio Special Effects Boštjan Troha


Conductor Georg Solti (Sir)
Engineer Gordon Parry
Producers John Culshaw, James Brown
Recorded at the Sofiensall, Vienna (1959, 1963, 1965, 1966) ┬ę The Decca Record Company Limited [London]


Actors Directed by B├ęryl Chanteux
Lead Recording Engineer Jacques Nelissen
Recording Assistant Marie-Axelle Pailler
Second Recording Assistant Manuela Derasse
French, English and German Original Dialogues Recorded at Studio Jingle Bell [Paris - France]


English Charlotte Rampling, Geoffrey Bateman, Paul Barrett, Patricia Kessler Caffrey, Kim Michelle Broderick, Patrick Albenque, Anne Lonnberg, David Gasman
French Charlotte Rampling, Herv├ę Bellon, Michel Mella, Vincent Ropion, Katy Amazaizo, Monique Thierry, Michel Modo, Marine Boiron
German Senta Berger, Richard Sammel, Helge Heynold, Christian Stonner, Andrea Schieffer, Andrea Koch, Peter Semmler, Doris Streibl, Martin Sch├Ąfer
Isha the Little Girl Nanou Boiron

Motion Capture

Actors Directed by B├ęryl Chanteux
Actors Iva Babi─Ź, Jernej Kuntner, Gregor ─îu┼íin
Motion Capture Engineers Fran├žois Forge, Marc Jirou
Assistant Engineer Christelle Naga
Motion Capture Realized at Ecoutez-Voir® on a Motion Analysis® 8 Camera System

Arxel Tribe Quality Assurance

CD Mastering Manager Vasko ─îuturilo
Quality Assurance (Master) Doroteja Mole

Published by Cryo Interactive Entertainment

Publisher Jean-Martial Lefranc
Marketing Michel Mimran
Product Manager Thomas Kleingartner
Press Management Emmanuelle Sauvignac, Marc Owen, Martina M├Âller
PR Consultant Victor Perez, Victor Perez Communication
Sales Management Patrice Rullier
Assisted by Tuyen Nguyen, Christine Bohec
Sales Representatives Bernard Bey, Benoît Faure, Georges Yaryura
Fabrication Carine Lapoum├ęroulie
Beta Testing Jean-Luc Hadi
Packaging FKGB / TEQUILA


Grateful Aknowledgements Senta Berger, Charlotte Rampling
Special Thanks Charles-Henry de Pierrefeu, Laetitia Renavand, Michel Colin, David Rinaldy
Arxel Tribe is powered by Silicon Graphics® workstations using A/W® Explore® software
Executive Producers Guillaume de Fondaumi├Ęre, Jean-Martial Lefranc, Alain Ledru
┬ę 1998 Anne Carri├Ęre Multimedia, Arxel Tribe, Cryo Interactive Entertainment, All Rights Reserved.

Published in U.S. by Mindscape Entertainment

Producer Daniel Irish
Lead Tester Joel Lehmann
Product Marketing Caryn Mical, Tena Lawry
Documentation Mark Whisler
Graphic Design and DTP Louis Hsu Saekow, Louis Saekow Design
┬ę 1999 The Learning Company Inc., and its subsidiaries, All rights reserved.
The Red Orb logo is a trademark of Learning Company Properties Inc.
The Cryo Interactive Entertainment logo is a trademark of Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation [in the United States and/or other countries]
All other registed trademarks are the property of their respective holders
Developed by Arxel Tribe
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