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DOS version

Very good, but it has some critical flaws.

The Good
- The setting. A 1950's American suburb. What better place to experience a horror story? - The sound in this game is incredible. I loved all the ambience sounds like a parade on the background, humming of a neon sign and the screeking sounds that you hear when the sign is turning. And then there is the music. The music really creates an atmosphere. In the slaughterhouse you have this eery toned down tune, and in the Pottsdam residence you can hear a 1930's science fiction movie tune. And then there is the voice acting, which was very nicely done (shame though that the acting in the video sequences is really bad). - What i loved the most was the story. One day you wake up in a strange bed, in a strange room, in a strange house, in a strange town, with even stranger people. This game gives you that fealing that you want to complete it, which is pretty rare these days. What your stay in Harvest all comes down to will be revealed near the end of the game.

The Bad
Well the acting in the movie sequences is incredibly bad. Especially the video that is shown when you get an invitation to the lodge. They should've put more effort in the acting. Just look at Phantasmagoria 2, never seen such great acting in a video adventure game. - The fight sequences are as funny as they are annoying. Fighting comes down to clicking your mouse as fast as you can, just hope you don't lose.

The Bottom Line
The main subject of Harvester is serial killers. Why are they behaving like this in the real world? Harvester contains the answers. I must say that games like Harvester are rare, they actually have something to say about events that happen in real life. I can highly recommend this game. Just don't pay any attention to the lousy acting and fight sequences.

by Goteki45 (323) on April 10th, 2003

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