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Mountain Bike Adrenaline

aka: Mountain Bike Adrenaline featuring Salomon
Moby ID: 33652

[ PlayStation 2 ] [ Windows ]

PlayStation 2 credits (2007)

29 people (26 professional roles, 3 thanks) with 37 credits.

Nobilis Publishing

Managing Director Arnaud Blacher
Production Manager Sébastien Brison
Publishing Senior Product Manager Christine Pestel
Test Coordinator Nicolas Danière
Operation Manager Régine Ribot
Publishing Junior Product Manager Audrey Settelen
Assistant Producer Nicolas Muller

Nobilis France Marketing

Marketing Manager Hervé Perret
PR Manager Agnès Rosique
PR Fabrice Poirier
Product Manager Sophie Bourrelier


CEO Yann Robert
Director of Development Yann Robert
Creative and Technical Art Director Franck Sauer
Engine Programming Yann Robert, Grégory Leblond, Cédric Guillemet
Game Programming Stéphane Ménardais, Yann Robert
Physics Programming Guillaume Raffy
Tools Programming Flavien Lefebvre
Game Design Christophe Bauvir, Stéphane Ménardais
Characters Design Francois Debue
Level Design Cédric Storm, Franck Sauer, Michael Geimer, David Lecrinier
Bikes Design Michael Geimer, David Lecrinier, Christophe Forton
Environments Design Franck Sauer
Special Kiss to Delphine, Michelle, Réjane

Nobilis Presents Mountain Bike Adrenaline Featuring Salomon

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