No Escape

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Genesis credits (1994)

67 people with 75 credits.

Video Shoot

Casting Tammy Smith, Terence Harris
Make Up Anais Browski, Wes Walford
Hair Dione Taylor
Costumes Renee Davenport
Script Supervisor Nili Sinai
Painter Dan Gindroz
Lamp Operator Mike Barrett
Key Grip Irv Katz
Grip Jesse Pogoler
Gaffer Kerry Magness
Property Kevin Hahn
Key FX Ringer Chris Barker
FX Mechanical Engineer Barry Walton
Ultimatte Technician Bob Kertesz
Director of Photography Chuck Barbee
Assistant Director Carey Dietrich
Assistant to the Producer Nancy Wolf
Coordinating Producer Suzanne Pastor
Producer Bob Sheperd

Sony Imagesoft

Executive Producer Rich Robinson
Senior Producer Mary Ann Norris
Associate Producer David Poe
Testing Team Bruce Cochrane, C. J. Connoy, Jose Cruz, Jody Kelsey Jr., Andre Leighton, Seth Luisi, Tobin A. Russell, Kurt Schwengel, Andrew Stein

The Cast

Robbins Wil Botti
Ralph / Warden Morry Brookler
Skull Richard Stein
Warden's Henchmen Nick Meaney
Marek / Techno Warrior / Motorhead Tree Dweller / Mole Man / Skinhead David Poe

Bits Corporation

Game Design David Stalker, Tim Hull
Lead Programmer Sean Conran
A.S.I.A. AI Language Alan Barton, Steve Howard
AI Programming Abdul Rahim, Simon Kimberley, John Stevenson, Sean Conran
Presentation Programming Tom Prosser
Audio Programming Shahid Ahmad
Level Maps Jacqueline M. Jomain
Paper Art Jacqueline M. Jomain
Presentation Paper Art Rhys Cadle
Graphics (Robbins and Level Bosses) Joe Stephenson
Lead Enemy Sprites Lesley Roberts
Enemy Sprites Mark Wortham, Ben McGrath
Lead Level Backgrounds Eleni Pieri
Level Backgrounds Carl Cropley, Jacqueline M. Jomain
In-Game Objects Dave Pinnel
Intro Presentation Christopher M. Owens
Intro / Outro Presentation Trevor Storey
Rotoscope Character Cataloging Lesley Roberts
Audio Producer Shahid Ahmad
Music Composition Shahid Ahmad, Andy Taylor
Sound Effects Dylan Beale
Quality Assurance Steve Cox, Jared Taylor
Technical Overview James Cox
Producer Tim Hull
Senior Producer Gary Sheinwald
Executive Producer Foo Katan
Licensed By Sega Enterprises LTD.
Developed By Bits Corporation
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