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WCW/NWO Revenge

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The sequel to the phenomenally successful worldwide smash hit 'WCW Vs NWO: World Tour'.

WCW/NWO Revenge puts the power of the world's biggest, baddest and meanest wrestlers from WCW and NWO in your hands. It's the most realistic all around fighting experiance you're ever likely to encounter on the Nintendo 64.

Completely updated roster of over 60 wrestlers (Including 50 superstars from WCW and NWO with their unique signature entrances, moves and taunts). Pumping four-player action with Rumble Pak support for thudding realism. Customise your favourite wrestler and prepare to rumble with the best. Real events, including 'Bash at the Beach' and 'Starrcade'. Advanced game engine giving smoother animations, faster speed and improved character AI. Instant replay feature to show off your deadly finishing moves. 40 man "Battle Royal" mode - the winner takes all! Full user statistics - tracking win/loss/tie records for each wrestler.

Get Ready to brawl with the big boys!



More than 60 wrestlers, including ALL of the top WCW and NWO superstars!

More hidden weapons!

Instant replay!

Completely updated roster!

Real pay-per-view arenas!

Wrestler entrances!

All the REAL WCW belts!

40-man Battle Royal mode!

Complete costume edit - save changes to the battery!

"Revenge is just too sweet!" - GamePro


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In the time-honored tradition of This Year's Model, WCW/nWo Revenge is bigger, badder and much more gorgeous than 1997 megahit WCW/nWo World Tour. Revenge bulges with 50 licensed wrestlers, a greatly expanded edit wrestler mode, all your favorite venues and bodacious new features such as automatic instant replays and an option to allow fellow wrestlers to charge to the rescue. When it comes to replicating that live TV experience, Revenge takes the competition to the mat.

Developer Asmik has kept up with the fast-and-furious changes of wrestling '98, including all the latest stars. Lex Luger and Sting have joined Kevin Nash and his rebellious Wolfpac, while Giant and Scott Steiner have gone over to Hollywood's Black-and-White Express (a.k.a. nWo White). While viewing the departed foursome as worse than dirt, WCW stalwarts Diamond Dallas Page, Rick Steiner and World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg have done such a good job of recruiting that the WCW now boasts 26 wrestlers, up from a scant dozen in World Tour. The newcomers include budding superstars like Chris Jericho.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Raven and his small but ruthless Flock lie in wait for their main chance. The gigantic Brian Adams has sided with nWo Hogan and the savage K-Dawg has joined the rival Wolfpac, dubbed "nWo Red" in the game. If any more disgruntled wrestlers jump ship -- and rest assured, they will -- Revenge gives you the option of decking out any gladiator in dark nWo duds, grungy Raven wear, or nice, clean WCW finery.

The mayhem unfolds in five authentic WCW venues: Monday Nitro, Souled Out, Super Brawl, Bash at the Beach, Halloween Havoc and Starrcade. Asmik has gone to elaborate lengths to replicate these main events, using digitized photos of actual venues and having wrestlers enter with their real-life managers. You'll even get to behold Disco Inferno's trademark wiggle of his ample hips!

The fictional leagues, which felt like an afterthought to World Tour, are much more fun in Revenge. The slimmed-down rosters are tightly focused. The Empire Wrestling Federation features the creepiest lineup this side of The X-Files, while the martial artists gone bad in Dead or Alive Wrestling sport names like Kim Chee, Han Zo Mon and Brickowski.

In play control Revenge emphasizes fun, rather than an overly complex fighting engine. Three difficulty levels and multiple handicap settings make it easy to unleash mayhem in the squared circle right from the opening bell. Wrestlers perform their actual moves, but the controls stay the same from wrestler to wrestler. For example, a tap of the B Button when a wrestler is standing and facing his rival always delivers a weak punch or kick.

Pressing the A Button results in a weak or strong grapple, depending on how long you hold down the button. Push the Control Pad toward the turnbuckle and press Down C to climb. Outside the ring, you can reach into the crowd and grab a weapon by pressing the Control Pad and Up C.

Intimidation is a vital part of the game. Spin the Control Stick to verbally abuse your rival or whip the crowd into a frenzy. Just make sure that your oponent doesn't unleash a brutal attack when your arms are raised high in truimph. When the Spirit Meter flashes "Special," a juiced-up wrestler can unleash one of five special attacks available in the game. Thanks to the Rumble Pak, you can feel each special in its full Richter-rattling glory!

Filled to the brim with taunts, 'tude and instant playability, WCW/nWo Revenge brings home a world championship belt in wrestling games.


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