Jurassic Park

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Game Gear credits (1993)

18 people (13 professional roles, 5 thanks)


Director Hiroshi Aso (Asohy)
Producer Junichi Tsuchiya (Jun Tsu Chi)
Chief Programmer Yoshihiko Toyoshima (ToToYo)
Programmers Com Blue (as Com Blue), Saku, Ken-san
Art Work Eiro Nagata (as Ei•Ei•O), Jyouoh AKK (Jyouoh A.K.K), Tez•Mania
Sound Management Haruyo Oguro (Lotty), Masayuki Nagao (N. Gee)
Planner LLG (LLG), Suu Sang
Special Thanks Katsuhiro Hasegawa (Hase), James Spahn, Jessy T., Steve B., Kazu
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Credits contributed by Rik Hideto.