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Windows credits (2009)

44 people (25 professional roles, 19 thanks) with 50 credits.

Original Concept Scott Yu, Jung Suh
Sound FMOD 3 System ©2008 Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd
UI Scaleform GFx ©2008 Scaleform Corporation
Special Thanks All of our significant others, The Kims, Katsu, Kay Park, Allan Alcorn, Jack Balleto, Michael Shaffer, Yaser Rehem, Our Parents, One To Three, Mongnan, Lucius Clark, Dane Urry, SLM Partners, American McGee, and Spicy Horse, Hugh De Loayza, Zero G Games, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING MEVO!


EP/Coffee Guy Jung Suh
Producer/Jack of all Trades Sr. Scott Yu
Assoc.Producer/Jack of Trades Jr. Soo Jin Kai
Asst.Producer/Dance Wizard Dan Fu


Sr.Engineer/Head Chef Zeng Chao
Engineer/Monk Warrior Derek Wu
Engineer/Philosopher Yu Yunfeng

Game Design

Design Manager/SpaceMonkey Florian Garcia
Game Designer Scott Yu
Game Designer/Music Maven Carmen Shen
Jr.Designer/Systems Geek Stiano Zhu

Art Production

Art Director/VFX Scott Yu
3D Artist/Duck Tony Hong
Lead Concept/Singer Harry Li
Jr.Artist/Future Musician Moonii Wu
Animator/Skateboarder Lynn Lin
Flash Artist/Candy Store Tracy Cui


Music Supervisor/Composer/Funk Master Scott Hess
Sequencing System Design Scott Yu

Online Development

Asst.Producer/Low Center of Gravity Dan Fu
Developer/Bagel Boy Rami Zaken
Community Manager/Pool Shark Portia Dominguez

Office Support

Ops Manager/Mr. Mic Hog Jack Pang
Office Manager/Ms.Mic Hog Diana Zhu


For the font UNINTENDED Espen Morten Kvalheim (
For the font YANONE KAFFEESATZ Jan Gerner (
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