Killing Time Screenshots (3DO)

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Main menu
Tess Conway from the game's intro...
...and her mansion - the setting of the game
Tess liked throwing parties... perhaps too much
Starting location. A g-g-g-g-GHOST!
This exact apparition means there is a small video scene with live characters nearby
More ghosts setting up the plot. This one explains why there are guns all over the mansion.
Map screen
Ducks appear early in the 3DO version and are the first "enemies" you'll encounter
Some duck hunters apparently don't appreciate the competition
The 3DO version is noticeably smaller and more linear than the later PC release. The textures are almost as nice, though
The entrance to the mansion is just a tiny area, and the mansion itself looks ridiculously small. No comparison to the imposing architecture in the PC version
You'll have to find and activate such doors throughout the game. What are you looking at, you... weird face?
Haven't been in a circus for quite a while
Have YOU joined the Communist party, comrade?.. Exploring the attic of the mansion
Coffee or tea, sir? Are you surprised to see me, sir? Allow me to draw your attention to these purple curtains, sir. Quite exquisite, I'm sure
Man... I have stomach ache, dude... I think it might be the Tommy gun you shot at me with...
Many enemies are different in the 3DO and the computer versions. The 3DO one has bats and maids. The computer one has vampiric bat maids! You tell me which is cooler
Fire in the corridor. I can still pass, but it'll hurt
You'll see Robert the butler quite a lot. He is always very collected. I guess he has seen all sorts of stuff before
Battle against some cowboy-like dudes in a library
The 3DO version has big floating red heads. The computer version has big floating red SKULLS. See the difference?..
The 3DO version has a rather artificial level design with pointless long corridors and a copy-paste feel in many places. The levels of the PC version are much more interesting
The sewers are inhabited by heavy green monsters who look more amphibian than their reptilian PC counterparts
The dining room in the mansion is one of the few locations that looks almost identical in 3DO and PC versions. Another thing is that the PC version has more houses with other dining rooms
The kitchen is annoyingly maze-like in the 3DO version. It still has the crazy knife-throwing chefs, though
Is this skeleton smoking a cigarette??..
...He most certainly was! And now he is attacking me with a lit one!.. ... Okay, that's another skeleton, in another place, but that's not the point!
Giant bees in a warehouse. Tough day, eh?..
A creepy little girl greets you at the entrance to the hedge maze. This is one of the very few locations I actually liked more in the 3DO version
Crazy middle-aged women are throwing bottles at you in the basement. Next time, be more politically correct or something
Look, I understand you have to clean all those orbs, but can we please just... come to some understanding?
Insects hitting me with fire among colorful pillars
This secret passage looks similar to the one I used to get to the mansion
A ghostly scene in a large room. The game beautifully conveys the opulent atmosphere of the 1930s
You'll be attacked by many enemies at once very often. These duck hunters just can't quit...
Angry maids are punching me hard! What did I do to deserve this?..
Is this a switch or just beautiful, detailed textures? Probably both!
When, or WHEN will I be able to score enough MobyPoints to become all-time leading contributor?!..
Lavish art in Tess' inner sanctum
What's wrong, do you want that thing there? Why didn't you just tell me?..