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DOS credits (1993)

50 people with 56 credits.

Design and Development Several Dudes Holistic Gaming
Concept Ed Pike
Programming Ken Lightner, Rob Lefebvre, Andrew Hackett
Art Ed Pike, Cris-Jon Lindsay, Kathy Nielson
Music Rob Lefebvre
Instrument sounds for Yamaha Gold Sound Standard (GSS) compatible cards are based on the tone libraries produced by George Alistair Sanger
Instrument sounds for Yamaha Gold Sound Standard (GSS) compatible cards developed by K. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger
Documentation Ed Pike, Andrew Hackett
Cover Art Gary Stevens, Richard Hicks
Game Design Consultant Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
Playtesters Atlanta Several Dudes, Mary Lefebvre, Cheri Gatland Lightner, Kevin Creekmore, Ashley Bone, David Pope, Eric McCann, Bill Petrosky, Troy Dent, Chris Jones, Hovhannes Mouradian, Robert Simpson, Eric Krueger
Playtesters American Gamer's Association Michael L. Fox, Andrew Bell, Paul Beyer, Andrew Gabade, John Ellis, David Long, Jamie Atkins, Paul Moody
Playtesters Georgia Gaming Guild Boris Donald, Sigrid , Sky , Robert Wright, Raymond P. Zak, Gregory Dake, Ronald H. Thacker Jr.
Playtesters New Jersey Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, Peter Alexander, Steven Cohen, Jean Zaccagnino, Ken Norris, Henry Saskos, Tom Anson, Bruce Lull, Phil Steen, Tony Juno, Harry Ley
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