Stalin's Dilemma

Moby ID: 4391

Windows version

Hardcore political simulator of Stalin's key decisions.

The Good
This is the game that keeps up with reality and introduces very strong economical model. It takes part on one screen and it is definitely a must for hardcore fans of political simulations. It also features very detailed description of all means you are able to use.

The Bad
The background of game screen is a red color that denotes communist Russia, but it unpleasant when playing for prolonged periods of time.

The Bottom Line
Stalin's Dilemma is hardcore political simulator of key decisions that Stalin was able to decide upon. It is very real and takes place in cycles of time when you are able to set priorities for next years. The economic model starts at collectivization process, continues with making decisions what (and how much) to produce, grow or export and finishes with strengthening military forces and keeping people loyal. The game ends with listing the statistics and short review of your attempts.

by dusoft (33) on May 7, 2002

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