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There are motorcycle drivers. And then there are bike riders, those dare- devil special few who ride from "here" to "there" just for the thrill of it -- just for the surge of excitement they get taking a tight corner on their knee or running away from a pack of other bikers.

Cyclemania was designed for these kinds of biking enthusiasts. If you think "fast and furious" when you think of riding a motorcycle, then Cyclemania is your game.

Cyclemania merges stunning graphic images of high-speed riders with live video of real roads and realistic sound effects to bring unprecedented motorcycle racing excitement to your computer screen.

Cyclemania's innovative new video compression and variable frame-rate decompression techniques allow you to race along twisting, turning mountain roads at speeds of over 150 miles per hour. With five different (and each uniquely difficult) road courses to ride on and six souped up bikes, including the FZR 1000, GBR 900RR and GSX-1100 to choose from, you'll find every race against your computer-controlled opponents a new challenge.

You'll pass fast-moving cars and faster-moving bikers. You'll dodge under low-flying aircraft, then try to slip around treacherous oil spills that can send you skidding on the pavement. And watch out for those slow-moving trucks!

So pull on your leathers and riding boots, put on your helmet and climb into the saddle. Lets ride!


Game Manual - Introduction

Full motion video bike racing game. The intense action will push you to the limits of sanity as you scream down the blacktop against riders with the same need for speed. Beat aggressive competitors and avoid obstacles including oil slicks, Sunday drivers and slow moving trucks.


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Contributed by Accatone, Riamus.

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