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DOS credits (1994)

22 people with 23 credits.

Game Concept and Development Manager Ronnie Yaron
Programming Daphna Karmi, Tal Raviv
Additional Programming Itzik Bayaz, Danny Elran, Arik Katz, Noam Sigal
Graphics Yael Bachar, Amir Glinik
Music Amir Glinik
Sound Effects Ronen Hofman
Road Mappers Ofer Mussai, Yoni Yifat
Technical Support Omri Blumenzon
Testers Slade Anderson, Robyn Gatchell, Jason Mendoza, Brian Nelson
Sport Accolade Logo Creation Steven Graziano
Manual Writing Jim Carr
Manual Editing Shirley Sellers
Marketing Daniel Jeung
Producer Peter Pavich
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