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Windows 3.x credits (1995)

102 people (87 professional roles, 15 thanks) with 107 credits.

Executive Producer Jeffrey Tunnell
Producer Randy Dersham
Designer Randy Dersham
Lead Programmer Steven D. Letsom
Technical Wizardry Richard Rayl
Art Directors Shawn Bird, Brian Hahn
Programmers Richard Rayl, Becky Jones, William Cupps
Macintosh Programmer Jon Milnes
Bass Fishing Pros Larry Nixon, Denny Brauer, Kevin VanDam, George Cochran
Bass Pro Consultant Jeff Boyer
Writer Michael Waite
Coordination Management Country World Productions, Tim Manion, Erin Winter
Production Art Brian Thompson, Dieter Weller, Linda Ivy, Dennis Clevenger, Joe Berde, Andrew Binder, Studio Brazil, G! Graphics, Terra Montgomery, Chris Curtiss, Scott Rudi, Justin Bengston, Hendri Soerianto, Edward Sze Eik Koh, Robert Chen, Scott Gilbert
Background Tile Art Production - L.A. West/Computer Art of Croatia Susan McGirr (Production Coordinator), Ivan Tomičić (Production Manager), Alan Sicar, Daniela Tomicic, Juraj Tezak, Lovorka Ostović, Natasa Secki, Peggy Skrlec, Snjezana Lisica
3-D Art Digital Artworks
Video Production James Carey, Dale Tendick, Bo Anillo, Associated Video
Photography Dale Tendick, Don Wirth, Soc Clay, Doug Stamm, C. Boyd Pfeiffer, Charles Beck, Ken Hunter, William Edwards, Joseph Devenney, Robert Holland, Burton McNeely
Illustrations Mark Susinno, Larry Tople, Al Agnew, Maynard Reece
Music and Sounds Neal Grandstaff, Ken Rogers
Voice Recording and Processing Jan Paul Moorhead, Neal Grandstaff
Voice Talent Jane Chase, Jeff Boyer
Quality Assurance Manager David Steele
Lead Quality Analyst Allen Tillford
Configuration Technician Gary Stevens
Quality Analysts Aaron Anderson, Erinn C. Hamilton, Daniel Hinds, Ian Jensen, Amber Ray, Richard Tunnell
Windows Sound Driver Human Machine Interfaces
Macintosh Sound Driver Steve Hales
Globalization Kai Brinkmann
On-Line Help Manager Kevin Lamb
On-Line Help Editor Kurt Weber
On-Line Help Designer Egil G. Gløersen
On-Line Help Programmer Marta Kallstrom
Thanks for support from Diawa, Pradco, SnagProof Mfg., Mister Twister, Luck , Yakima Bait Co., Classic Mfg., DSD technologies, Hildebrandt, Mepp's, Epinger Mfg., Berkley, Stanley Jigs, Shakespeare
Endorsed by Bass Anglers Sportsman Society
A Jeff Tunnell Production
Copyright (c) 1995/1996/1997 Sierra On-Line Inc., Bellevue, WA 98007, All rights reserved.
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