Kirby's Dream Land

aka: Hoshi no Kirby, Twinkle Popo
Moby ID: 5335

Game Boy version

Fun and original gameplay but, oh my goodness, what a short and easy game.

The Good
The graphics are pretty good. There is enough detail and it's in a typical Nintendo style, similar to Super Mario Land 2 and Wario Land. The gameplay, though, is the most original part of the game. Kirby doesn't have any weapons or powers, except his vacuum cleaner-like ability to suck up enemies and spit them out or swallow them, and the ability to puff up into like a balloon to fly. By spitting out enemies Kirby can defeat enemies, although most can be swallowed. There are a lot of enemies, but none of them are really dangerous. Flying makes it easy to maneuver through the levels, but it's done in a way that you can't skip too much using this power. The tunes are some of the most memorable on the Game boy and nice to listen to.

The Bad
It's REALLY short. Only five levels and within an hour the credits will roll on your Game boy screen. Not only is it short but it's also REALLY easy. Only children or those who are seeking for a good introduction to the platform genre will appreciate this. It's for these people this game was made. If you finish the game you will learn how to play a harder version but it's still very easy. The much bigger and longer NES sequel Kirby's Adventure was also easy, but because it was bigger and longer it didn't feel so bad, and, more importantly, it had copy abilities giving suits like Wario Land of Super Mario Bros. 3 had but much more. In this game the same enemies are seen, but no copy abilities. It's an earlier game but it still feels bad.

The Bottom Line
Fun and original, but very short and easy. Only for less experienced gamers should buy this. If you want a Kirby game, try Kirby's Adventure or one of the many other sequels out there.

by Rensch (203) on January 4th, 2006

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