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Unreal Tournament

aka: Tournament, UT, UT99
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Windows version

I sincerely believe this game is better than Quake 3, I'm not lying, and to the best of my knowledge, I'm not stupid.

The Good
Where to start?

-The AI is terrific. I felt like I was playing a human player. Also, the AI is extremely adjustable - there is an enemy for a player of any skill. I mean, if you pump up the AI enough, you can REALLY get your ass kicked. The AI is great, surprisingly considering I expected this to be mostly multiplayer. Great for practice!

-Modes galore! No matter your preference, there is a mode for it.

-Brilliant graphics if you have a good enough PC and 3D card. I mean, the graphics can blow your mind if you can pump them up. I mean, just check out the screenshots and drool. OK, so Quake III's engine is better. These graphics, however will suffice.

-Excellent multiplayer, which of course is the reason for the existence of this game :) I, personally, cannot comment on ping because I have a cable modem. However, the game's multiplayer is so sweet it's Unreal(horrible pun, I know). Constant fun, this plays wonderful. I mean, it really is awesome online.

-Cool taunts.

-Awesome weapons. Especially the redeemer. Of course, I'm biased towards big booms.

-Cool music. I mean, the stuff that really pumps you up to fight. Some of the best I've heard ever.

-Pretty damned good level design. I mean, it really kicks Q3's ass here. Q3 really pales in comparison.

The Bad
Well, it runs perfectly on my personal computer(but then again, I do have a 1Ghz Athlon), but I can't deathmatch my brother on his 200 mhz with 64 megs of ram - it runs too slowly on his machine, so I kick his ass and he gets pissed.

The Bottom Line
Better than Q3. Much better. I mean, really whups Quake 3's ass. Almost a flawless game.

by emerging_lurker (160) on September 30th, 2000

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