🤔 How many games has Beethoven been credited on? (answer)

Weird Park: Broken Tune

aka: Weird Park: Disco rotto, Weird Park: La Mélodie du Malheur, Weird Park: Schräge Töne, Weird Park: Tonada rota
Moby ID: 61040

Weave your way through a haunted amusement park in Weird Park: Broken Tune! City officials have shut down the park after a string of deaths have horrified everyone in the area. You must use your amazing investigative skills to track down clues and solve this eerie mystery! You are the only one with the ability to give closure, and get to the bottom of this twisted tale!

Search for leads as you explore creepy carnival environments, finding hidden objects that will be key to solving this gruesome story. Open a portal to a realm beyond insanity, and dive deeper into a wicked tale about a bizarre clown that once was a worker at the park. With the gripping story, dark atmosphere, and challenging puzzles, Weird Park: Broken Tune is the one hidden object game you can’t afford to miss!


◇ 37 creepy locations!

◇ 12 suspenseful hidden object scenes!

◇ Unlimited Hints and Tips!

◇ Easy to follow tutorial to get you started!

Warning: the game requeries [sic] additional resource download


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Contributed by Starbuck the Third.

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