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The Good

The Bad
It even takes the joy out of the pure action that is Quake.

The Bottom Line
I've seen many third-party add-ons for Quake over the years and most of them were worthless shovelware, but this one is by far the worst out there. The package consists of hundred levels, all decked in ugly textures that are nowhere near the quality of the originals. Fifty-one of these maps are labeled as 'Solo', and the remaining forty-nine are filed as 'Multi'.

I'd only played through the single player part of the pack, though I'm sure that the multiplayer half is no better. Well, as you can judge from the screenshots, all the fifty levels follow the same scheme, with just a slight change here and there. Apart from two, all the levels are constructed upon a single floor. 'Endless amount of boxy rooms and a few hallways' is enough to describe most of them - oh, and don't forget the Quake II style doors used throughout. Now this isn't map making in anyway, it's just entity placing. Spread the weak baddies over the map, place a single light source in the center of every room, and that's it. To add to the insult, at least twelve levels are direct copies of the others - the only difference is the change in the single texture that is applied to all the brushes in the map.

Let me make it clear, this is a shame for Quake mapping - and a complete rip-off. It's clear that this was only a day's work for MicroStar and they didn't even try to build something decent. Even Juggernaut for QII is better than this. Stay away.

by erc (435) on August 9, 2008

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