In memoriam, Donald Sutherland

Washington's Wig

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Xbox 360 credits (2012)

10 people (9 professional roles, 1 thanks) with 12 credits.


By Matt Kain Lewandowski (uncredited), Jake Lewandowski (uncredited)
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Escape Goat appears courtesy of MagicalTimeBean []
TOM appears courtesy of Misfits Attic []
Thanks to Nick Gravelyn (for EasyStorage)


Liberty's Theme by Team2Bit
Justice's Theme by Team2Bit
Drums of Freedom by Team2Bit
Free Roamin' Pooch by Ron Barret (aka Lodger)
Delaware Dogs by Dustin R. Jenks (XionXinX)
Wigs Vs Pigs With Twigs by Bill Kiley
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