👾 The lost Atari arcade game returns with Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh


The kind of straightforward but thrilling action game we miss now

The Good
You didn't have to pore over a manual for hours to get into it. The gameplay was unique, with the positioning taking skill and timing, and the extra-point baddies being a nice touch. The progressive difficulty meant that you'd usually get that little bit further (and a few more points) each time. The graphics and sound were fine for the day.

The Bad
Compared with other games of the time, nothing, other than the possible anti-Russian sentiment of the name of the enemies. Post Cold-War, a lot of games and films of the time seem ignorant and outdated in that way. Still, the game didn't remind you of the plot at all.

The Bottom Line
Nothing complex, just old-style lives - levels - points action.

by Martin Smith (77) on November 8th, 2003

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