Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

aka: Star Wars: Jango Fett
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GameCube version

Yet ANOTHER average Star Wars game.

The Good
Well, unlike many other Star Wars games, the original actors do the voices for all the characters that appear in the game, so that's a plus. The weapons are quite interesting and include Jango's blasters (Shoot two guys at once!), his flamethrower, and missiles. Using his jetpack is pretty fun. The story is also better than many other Star Wars games. (The fact that this isn't based on the movie is partly the reason. Games based on movies are usually a. terrible and b. barely follow the original plot of the movie.) You'll go across a wide range of planets and areas, and fight a slew of different enemies. Bounty Hunting, despite how retarded the actual identifying and capturing is, is really interesting to see all the different guys you'll catch, what they've done, who wants them captured (or killed) etc.

The Bad
First, the bounty hunting is completely moronic. You can switch to the bounty hunting screen just like a weapon, put the targeting reticule over the victim to see if he has a bounty on him. problem is, you can't move while doing this! This means that while you are trying to find bounties, you're getting shot up by the band of enemies that stay together in groups. Capturing bounties also yields no reward but boring unlockable concept art (is anyone ever really interested in that? I never am!). So dispel any notion you have of going to the planet of your choice, hunting down certain bounties, buying weapons, etc. This is a linear, action game with basically NOTHING no seen in other games like this. The way this game is setup is not what you would expect. Body count can get pretty high, with Jango taking on 15 guy at once, making him seem more like the Terminator rather than a stealthy assassin (Oh, yeah, no stealth in this game either.) The graphics are also pretty bland. The occasional bug (such as falling through the floor is pretty annoying.). Many of the missions aren't amazingly interesting either. Having no map showing where you have been or where you are makes navigation difficult, as the levels are quite large, and often require back tracking and multiple twists and turns. Oh, and occasionally obscure doors don't make the game funner either.

The Bottom Line
Overall, I'd say this is better than many Star Wars games that have come out. i wouldn't really recommend this game for purchase though. Rent it.

by James Kirk (150) on August 22, 2004

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