Champions of Krynn

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DOS version

One of the best "Gold Box" games.

The Good
As far as the storyline goes, this one is awesome and is reminiscent of the DragonLance chronicles paperback books. This is shortly after the War of the Lance, and your party picks up the pieces, meeting even some of the book characters (Tanis, Caramon, Tasslehoff) along the way, battle draconians, pilot flying citadels, and even find a DragonLance! This game introduced me to gold box games and AD&D computer games in general and will always have a special place in my heart.

The Bad
Well, it's a gold box game. You either like them or you don't.

The Bottom Line
This was the "in-between" period of the Gold Box games - the early kinks were already worked out from Pool of Radiance (eg. the Fix command was implemented and the goofy copy protection wheel was dropped), but it still had EGA graphics and not yet the additional features of Pools of Darkness or Dark Queen of Krynn.

Get this game if you plan to play the Krynn story arc (Champions, Death Knights, Dark Queen) and transfer your characters. At least in this arc your characters keep their items and don't get wimped (unlike the Pools storyline where your characters get completely stripped of anything in between Curze of the Azure Bonds and Secret of the Silver Blades). Well worth a look if you can forgive the outdated graphics and sound.

by Gothicgene (66) on July 18, 2001

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