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Linux credits (2015)

98 people with 104 credits.


The Otherworld Agency (Founder/Managing Director) Fabian Malabello
Thanks Rumblefish Inc.
"The Quickening" by Tim Holt (RFID15710 [as Cinematrik])
"Revolve (R Mix)" by Tim Holt (RFID15810 [as Cinematrik])
"Roja Drifts By (Timo Jahns Strings Remix)" Rico Puestel, PSTL001, © 2014 Ponsactrilau
"Broken Boy" - examples EP Tonspender
"Irritations" - examples EP Tonspender
Ending speech recording and backing / Hacknet Credits track Christopher Larkin
"Roller Mobster" Performed by Carpenter Brut (Franck Hueso), [p] No Quarter, Under permission by Warner Chappell Music France
"Recursion", "Phase of the moon" Ryan Burge
"Panic Track", "Malware Injection" Rémi Gallego (AKA The Algorithm)
"Out run the wolves" Matt Mclean (Feeding Ear)
"Tetrameth" Sean Gillespie
Special thanks to Inspiration from www.ccmixter.org


"Been Away Too Long" - White Theme / "Journey" - Green Theme by Angelus-Hellion (angelus-hellion.deviantart.com)


Dark Drone 008 mckinneysound - http://www.freesfx.co.uk
Hospital ECG https://www.sounddogs.com (https://www.sounddogs.com/sound-effects-library/2175.htm)
Doom Shock + TraceKill: Inspiration From http://www.kyutwo.com
Drones and Transitions Audiojungle.com
Thanks to Sebastian Hartmann (for extra SFX [as Wertstahl])


Game Scribes - Team lead by William Farrell
Special thanks to Colamaeleon (for coordination and testing [as Colamaeleon])
German Translators Hanna Siek, Sebastian Raake, Thomas Jager, Jonas Schloemer (as jonasschloemer)
Dutch Translator Master Grid
French Translators Pierre Cholet, Corsaire (as The Corsaire), jdbarte, Wk Slicex (as Wk Slicex), Aokami
Spanish Translators Nahuel Peruzzo, Victor Sanchez Collado, Wazbat, Adam, Fernando del Aguila (as delaguila fernando)
Chinese Translators Venique (as Venique), ShiveryMoon (as ShiveryMoon), Tenderness (as Tenderness-Miao)

Published by: Surprise Attack Games

Managing Director Chris Wright
Product Manager And Community Manager Stephen Heller
Business Development Manager Lex Suurland
Finance Manager Fiona Murray
PR James Kozanecki
Director Travis Plane, Aaron Bertinetti


A Game By Matt Trobbiani
Logos Sarah Riggall
Assistant Writing Sarah Riggall
Testing Sarah Riggall
Appearance Mockup Jeremy Mitchell
Additional Writing Stephen Heller ('Hellerphant')


Porting and FNA Ethan Lee ('flibitijibibo')
Testing and Thanks Elle Dunbar, Chris Johnson, Tristan Trabilsie ('tijit'), Jamie Williamson, Alex Mackay, Noble Kale (as Noblekale), Sam Crisp, Dylan Sale, Richard Taylor, Ben Kislby, Matt LeKrupa, Brad Wesson, Jamie Pillianaros, Giselle Rosman, Bec Pelvay, Ben Carter, Stephen Trobbiani, Gib Trobbiani, Laura Trobbiani, Ben Trobbiani, Aidan Coxon ('Aidy')
International Testers Quinton Porter, Radek Golan, Player Fero (as Player Fero), Jacob Johnson, Daniel Lieberwirth, BirdCute (as BirdCute), Andreas Lenhardt, Rain Shatter (as Rain Shatter), Colamaeleon (as Colamaeleon)
Port Testers Ladislav Vydra, Richard Baalman, Willem-Jan Zijderveld, Lukasz Klatka, Lucia Fabiola Martinez Fajardo, Michael Tanzer, Ambidotus Insignis, Barrett Eckhart, Heide Queen, Daniel Sapelli, Kacper Tonia, Sean Mackedie, TECHNO vids, Derek Power, Alexander Ford, Matthieu Rose
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