Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

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Windows version

Good Game

The Good
This is yet another one of those 3-D park building SIMs, but with a new twist. Dinosaurs. Now some other franchises had a go at this (like Zoo Tycoon) but didn't (in my opinion) have the same feel, excitement, and fun this game has. Basically, you run a park with dinosaurs, and try to keep guests happy and safe. Easy right? Not exactly. You have to keep your dinosaurs happy too. Large carnivores (and velociraptor) will go on rampages if their needs aren't met. Also weather affects your park. Heatwaves will dehydrate dinosaurs, thunderstorms may cause power-outages, tornadoes can destroy your park and kill guests and dinosaurs. The dinosaurs themselves have to be my favorite video game dinosaurs of all. Their behaviors and AI are very realistic. You also get to do missions. Some are pretty hard, but when you beat them all you get the best part of this game. Site B. Site B is you have an island of your choice, everything is free (sounds like a dream hotel), no guests, no nothing. Except for dinosaurs. Just make and island of free roaming dinosaurs. Awesome, right?

The Bad
This is a good game and I don't see any reason not to buy it, but there are a few things that bugged me. The dinosaur AI is a bit buggy. Small carnivores will usually stay in one area, but large ones will spread out. If they meet, the small one will run in circles away from the big one and panic. It will continue to do this until it either attacks the big one (in which case the big one will attack it and kill it) or pass out in a coma. This isn't really a problem, unless your'e on Site B. The graphics are good for the most part, but the guests could have had more detail. There also could have been more dinosaurs. Many were pulled from the game at the last second.

The Bottom Line
This game is definitely worth buying. Overall it's a good game that is replayable. There is also plenty of sites where you can download mods for this game. Did I mention blood and some gore in a SIM?

by Ethan Miller (10) on August 17th, 2007

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