Batman: Gotham City Racer

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PlayStation credits (2001)

63 people (57 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 64 credits.

Developed by

Developed by Sinister Games
Development Coordinator Paul Potera
Producer David Knox
Lead Designer Clint Richards
Lead Programmer Ken Klopp
Lead Artist Craig Vance
Design, Level Design, Art Kevin Sizer
Level Design, Art John Loehrlein
Art Brian Baldwin, John Dinley
Manual Mike McCoy

Published by

Published by Ubi Soft Entertainment
President Yves Guillemot
Executive Producer Vincent Minoué
Producer François Bolduc
Associate Producer Reid Schneider
Production Assistant Danielle Lajoie
Licensing Managers Alain Tascan, Reid Schneider
Business Development Jean Laflamme
Third Party Management Hugo Tanguay
Lead tester Éric Visconti
Testers Louis-Philippe Brissette, Eric A. St-Jean, Robin Lee Gordon, Christian Fortier, Frédéric Ouellet
Quality Control Studio CANADA
Quality Manager Éric Tremblay
Quality Control Studio Director Vincent Pâquet
Lead Integrator Alexandre St-Louis
Artistic Support Annie Richer
European Group Manager Laura Gelis
European Brand Manager Gabrielle Loeb
Brand Managers (France) Hélène Carbon
Brand Managers (Germany) Andreas Balfanz
Brand Managers (Italy) Valéria Lodeserto
Brand Managers (Netherlands) Marcel Keij
Brand Managers (Nordic Countries) Thomas Petersen
Brand Managers (Spain) Eva Duran, Gloria Puig
Brand Managers (UK) Amanda Butt
World Localization Manager Coralie Martin
Localization Manager (North America) Noémie Dupuy
Localization Project Manager (France) Anne Perreau
Brand Manager (USA) Xavier Fouilleux
Advertising and Package Design (North America) Kevin Lalli, David Herman, Mari Sakai
Copywriter (North America) Marc Fortier

Under License by

Under License by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Senior Producer Heidi Behrendt
Producer Ames Kirshen
Marketing Coordinator Jim Molinaro
Art Directors Peter Tumminello, Allen Helbig
Creative Director Charles Carney
Special thanks to Michael Harkavy, Rob Sebastian, Brett Skogen, Scott Johnson, Warner Bros. TV Animation, DC Comics

Batman created by

Batman created by Bob Kane
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