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Alan Wake: The Signal Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox One version

The Signal special episode select screen
Recap of the previous episode.
Episode title screen
Alan is now in the heart of darkness and looking for a way out
Deja vu, only nothing is real this time
Past memories often feel a bit distorted and unclear
Mashing the jukebox in order to start playing
Tom is giving you a weapon against the Taken, the flashlight and a pistol
Trouble at the diner
No need to waste batteries after taking out the last enemy in wave, just let the time do it for you
There are 10 alarm clock collectibles scattered throughout the episode
Rooms and locales will sometimes alter in an illogical way
Following the light
The Taken are pouring from the darkness
So much for checking the upper floor
More story pages
Yet again Alan Wake does not remember writing the story
GPS system still working in the heart of darkness sure is a bit unexpected
Acquiring a stronger flashlight
Out on the porch
Possessed cars are being tossed at you by the dark presence
Alan Wake versus possessed derelict bus
Time to pay a visit to a hardware store
The ambush in the hardware store
Barry sure was busy making a lot of character props
Many locations from the base game have been reused with various moderations
Passing by the post office
There's no help from the police... there's no police at all for that matter
Taken are as aggressive and plentiful as in the base game
Following the signal doesn't seem to be going well
Unlocking past memories
The 68th Annual Deerfest stage
I knew leaving this huge spooky deer in one piece will come back to bite me one day
Furnace room underneath the church
Furnaces in the church basement can all be activated with your flashlight to help you in your fight against the Taken
Barry joining team Alan Wake once again, even though only as a figment of your imagination
Fictitious Barry is just as annoying and charming as the real one
Flare is always good to keep the minions of darkness at bay
Using the searchlight to highlight the bridge words
Building bridges
There is an evil Alan Wake that is taunting you on every TV you come across
Watch out as your bestsellers are falling down from the sky
Instead of crows your bestseller books will fly at you
That's a lot of light poles to go through
Get ready for a car derby... there's a few more of these jeeps around in case I demolish this one
The chainsaw dude didn't care for announcing his presence from a mile away
Following the candle road
A memory of Alan and Alice
Back in your old apartment in New York
Meeting with Tom Zane, the first writer