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Amiga Action (Jan, 1992)
The coin-up version of Bonanza Bros was good for a laugh. And I'm pleased to announce that US Gold have faithfully recaptured the humourous antics of Mobo and Robo. While the graphics don't quite live up to expectations, the little touches of humour and the jolly ditties have been captured perfectly. Most importantly, Bonanza Brothers plays particularly well and it definitely comes into its own in the simultaneous two player team mode. Although the pace is somewhat subdued , fans of its arcade counterpart will almost certainly love it.
The game itself can be a right old laugh: the buildings often get maze-like and the bad guys can be a real handful. The intro sequences are smart and the graphics throughout are attractive, even if they are weird! Neat tunes and extremely funny sampled speech add to the proceedings and you'll have many a chuckle over this. It all boils down to whether or not you enjoyed the arcade game, and if you did then this is the game for you!
Amiga Power (Jan, 1992)
Stylish, but lacking in longevity. Like Storms' recent Rodland, Bonanza Bros is more of a snack than a full-blown nine-course meal (but it's tasty, tasty, very very tasty, all the same).
Bonanza Bros is exactly the kind of game that you could find yourself wasting a couple of ten pences on in the arcade, but not something you'd want to spend any lengthy amount of time with.
Datormagazin (Apr 23, 1992)
Den klart roligaste finessen med Bonanza Brothers är att du och en kompis kan spela samtidigt, med varsin spelplan. Bägge figurerna finns med på bägge planerna, men man kan gå åt varsitt håll för att snabbare komma åt det stöldbegärliga materialet. Musiken i spelet är lite för mycket typisk dataspelsmusik för att vara njutbar. Bonanza Brothers är ett ganska enkelt spel som faktiskt dessutom är riktigt roligt. Det blir inte, som så många andra spel, oöverstigligt svårt på en gång.
Amiga Format (Feb, 1992)
Ten buildings of increased complexity and tougher baddies aren't enough to keep you interested. The animation is blocky, with only a few imaginative touches and there's not enough two-player interaction to add depth to the game. If only there had been a bit more entertaining animation and a few more levels, then the Bonanza Brothers could have been a cracker, but as it is - there's not enough here.
Pelit (Feb, 1992)
Kahdelle pelaajalle tarkoitettu toimintaseikkailu on kieltämättä harvinaisuus, ja sikäli puolustaa paikkaansa, mutta sisällön olisi pitänyt olla monta kertaluokkaa monipuolisempi ja vetävämpi, jotta pakkaus ei jäisi hyllyyn homehtumaan parin pelikerran jälkeen.
Amiga Joker (Mar, 1992)
Die knuddelige Comicgrafik ist sicher nett, der Düdelsound läßt sich abschalten, und die Masse an Features & Optionen ist beeindruckend (Zeitlimit, Bonuslevel, die Zahl der Leben ist einstellbar, tausenderlei Screenanzeigen), aber unterhaltsam sind die Brüder deswegen noch lange nicht. Merke: Was schon im Original kein Feuerwerk war, kann als Remake halt höchstens ein Knallfrosch werden.
Tilt (Apr, 1992)
Si ce jeu d'action peut être éventuellement amusant à deux, en solitaire c'est en revanche un bide complet, du fait de la ridicule étroitesse de l'écran de jeu.