Commando Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Being dropped off
Your average enemy soldier
Killed in the line of duty
Protect your fellow commando who is held by two soldiers
Even the motorcycle on the bridge tries to kill you
A whole bunch of enemies come through the gate
The commando is resting his leg on a set of crates
Enemies shoot at you from inside their trenches
Crossing a bridge
Nothing but a good sip of water after a long battle, eh?
Enemies are coming out of those shacks
Get out of the way before the truck squashes you
I bet he is eating chinese
There are gaps in the way, so cross the bridge and you won't fall in
Someone left their fighter jet behind
One of the enemy bases that you need to destroy
On to the fifth area now
Drowned in the water
"I'm tired from all this fighting. I think I'd better sit down."
More gaps in the surface
Can I have some roast marshmellows, too?
The jeep is about to squash you
What's in that pot?
A watch tower