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User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
Game setup.
Set up continued.
Sea Thief Cafe on Isla Perdida. There is several people here that you can talk to.
Talking to the dancer.
More talk with the dancer.
Talking with the old sea salt.
More talk with the old sea salt.
Talking with the Arab.
More Talk with the Arab.
Talking with the cook.
More talk with the cook.
Talking with Kamuzu.
More talk with Kamuzu.
Under the sea diving.
Diving around.
Jelly fish swim around me.
On my ship.
A.R.T. the on board computer.
Getting your briefing from the head of the Foundation.
Map of the world.
The gear room. Choose what to bring on your dive.
A message from A.R.T..
The rest of the message from A.R.T..
A sunken ship.
A broken cable.
Aqua City.
A disabled sub.
Floating pod.
A mine.