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The Secret of Monkey Island Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Introduction scene
Chapter one begins
Entering the SCUMM bar
Talking to a pirate
The story unfolds (cutscene)
Outside the SCUMM Bar.
Inside the kitchen.
Talking to the Pirate leaders.
Ask me about Loom.
Talking with a pirate.
The town.
Exploring the town.
The church.
Visiting the local jail.
Sheriff Fester Shinetop - he's a real jerk!
On the docks.
Overhead map of Melee Island TM.
A circus tent.
Guybrush just got shot out of the cannon.
In the forest.
Crossing the rope line to Hook Isle.
Talking with Meat Hook.
Inside the shop.
The Swordmaster's home.
Carla, the Swordmaster.
A reference to the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade adventure game.
Inside the governor's mansion.
Wait, was that a troll, or just George Lucas in a costume?
Outside the sword trainer's home.
Guybrush faces off against the fencing machine.
A sword fighting insult sequence.
On the way to the governor's mansion.
Can you get past the guard dogs?
Governor Marley makes her entrance.
Governor Marley and an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference.
Can Guybrush really hold his breath for that long?
A "love" scene with the governor.
Title Screen - Running on an Amiga 1200. Extra animation details appear on some scenes on faster Amigas. Here you can see the moving clouds that are not present on a stock Amiga 500.