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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Screenshots (Android)

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu
Main menu (Russian version)
Campaign difficulty settings
Intro: KPR forces invade USA
Mission 1 briefing
L.A. is being bombed
Upgrades and in-game menu
Taking out enemies with sniper rifle
Adjusting on-screen controls
Running for evac.
A hint displayed
To pick up a weapon simply tap on it
Destroying the bridge with bazooka
Manning the turret
Controlling the UAV (Call of Duty style)
A war in your neighborhood
We're hit!
Breaching doors with explosives, then shooting enemies in slo-mo (Call of Duty style)
Bullet cam - head shot
Yes, tovarisch!
Nice scenery
Killed in action
Escaping in a vehicle
When the screen turns this red death is near
Grenade launcher action
Dropped from a plane
We're in Alaska
Approaching stealthily I can backstab an enemy
More KPR propaganda
The aircraft carrier is really huge
Precise sniping earns an achievement
We're in Pakistan now. Manning a heli-mounted turret.
A cutscene
Ammo box
Americans are tricked with cardboard dummies.
Multiplayer options
Multiplayer: choosing map and mode