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Essentially a computer-assisted boardgame, Tanktics features hypothetical World War II German-Russian armor battles. The player can only play the German. It is notable as one of the first computer wargames.
There are two types of people who might be disappointed with TANKTICS. The first is someone who buys it wanting an arcade-style game; this it obviously is not and was never intended to be. The second is the serious wargamer who expects the computerized equivalent of PANZER or SQUAD LEADER. This game has neither the complexity nor feel of these board games. In some areas (like combat resolution) it comes close, but in other ways (lines of sight) it's much simpler. You don't have the sense of control that you do in a board game; average luck on an unlikely shot and poor luck on a likely shot all come out the same: a miss! You can't tell the difference and if you can't shrug that off, TANKTICS may irritate you. For those of us who enjoy a little uncertainty and for all you readers who now know what to expect, TANKTICS is just plain FUN! know why things are happening.