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Intruder Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level 1 start
Shooting enemies rewards collectible point extras
Beside bonus points also bonus multiplier can be found
Same screen, a bit later. Yes! The screen is higher than the visible part. You can scroll up and down (and also a small part back to the left)
The fire extra weapon
Everyday's screenshot from Intruder: many enemies, many points.
Constantly pressing the fire button shoots to the left
Note the messages: the level boss is communicating and commenting constantly on the level
Navigating through flying cannons
Big message this time
OMG! It is the "Megamachine"!
It is quite big!
After it fell, Attila sends his toothbrushes...
Les Fleurs du Mal? Maybe, as these are the flowers of Attila.
I took Attila's flowers and now enjoying the final level boss in the very dark with some nice raster colors. Shooting and hitting can only be done by sound effects.
Ignoring the flowers it is much more easy
Alone with Attila
Level 1 finished. Hurray!
Level 2 has fast moving enemies
More to come. Maybe too much for me...
At least in front of the developers!