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Mercs Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
So they developed it
Well said
The story
Player 1
Player 2
Get ready, Joseph!
The real title screen
You start out on the enemy shore
Going to the jungle
Crossing the bridge... the boss!
Got him!
Mission 1 completed
Going to town
He's hiding behind the corner
Ah, the smell of napalm...
A mid-level boss
Crossing a rift
The boss: a flame-throwing tank
Its hull is broken
Have you noticed that the napalm cloud looks like the MERCS logo?
Destroyed another boss
Found a big rifle aboard a ship
The top is blown off the bunker
Should I choose hamburger or chicken?
Join the navy, see the world
A helicopter boss
Mission 3 completed
A flame thrower in the marsh
It works!
The burning bodies sink into the swamp
Dead on the beach