Beach Volleyball Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game loads quickly to its title screen. The words 'Beach Volleyball' bounce around while steel drums play calypso music. This stays on-screen until the mouse is clicked.
This is the main menu. The same background is used for all menu screens. The palm trees wave in the breeze and occasionally a beach ball will fly across the screen.
The game options menu. Graphics toggle between high or low and music can be on or off.
Up to four people can play and the controller options are keyboard, joystick or none. On another screen the player's action keys can be customised.
This is the 'Play the game' menu. Here's whether the player chooses the sex of the team.
Setting up a single player exhibition match.
This is the start of the match. The game sets everything up and the camra circles the court waiting for the player(s) to get ready. Pressing a key starts the game.
Australia have the ball and are about to serve. I don't want to think where the ball has just been!
The ball is returned. As this is a single player match the game swaps between the two players automatically.
The Australian player did not manage to return the ball so lost the right to serve.
Brazil serve. The yellow area near the circled player indicates roughly where the ball will land.
The yellow circle is vital because often the ball goes too high and is out of shot.
The players move quite well. Here a shot is about to be blocked.
Not altogether sure what a spike is but whenever one happens, or is about to happen, the game flags it up.
At the end of each rally the winning team is displayed
After a while the teams change ends
The start of a ladies match.
This is the route to the final
A tournament match looks just like any other