Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu.
The options screen contains a scrolling world map.
Vorador shows up at the Circle of Nine's meeting.
That's not a happy spell.
Meanwhile, nobleman Kain gets jumped by some thugs.
And is killed no matter what the player does.
Suffering Kain is offered a new life as a vampire.
Reborn Kain is out for vengeance.
Drain blood from these lady snacks.
Skeletons are no match for your sword.
Outdoor areas lead to new dungeons.
Minimalist menu/equipment screen.
You can also drain life from wounded foes.
Green skeleton blood.
The camera height is freely controlled by the player.

Windows version

The opening screen
The entering screen
Options screen
Kain, about to get murdered
Kain reserructed as a Vampire
my liar
the different spells
If you drink from here at the first time, the blood will turn from red to black.. if you drink again, you will loose health..
Inside a large skull
At at spooky altar, about to donate some of your blood to a dark god...
Heart of Darkness
Fight on bridge
Kain sucks blood
Innocent victim to kill
Murder in cold blood
Many spikes
Dark caves
This way!
Woman to kill
The Pillars of Nosgoth
Pillar of death