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AmigaThe One (Apr, 1991)
Make no mistake, this is no childish effort - Brat is as innovative and addictive a puzzle as you're likely to see for quite some time.
AmigaRaze (Jun, 1991)
If this is all getting to sound a bit like Lemmings, then you won't be surprised to hear of a super intro sequence. But the comparison to Lemmings is only skin deep, as the whole perspective elements are quite different. Brat is also a bit easier to get into, mainly due to the larger characters and the feeling of control you have over Nathan. However, if you can't wait for Lemmings II, catch a-hold of Brat.
Atari STPlay Time (May, 1991)
Die Atari ST-Version ist mit der Amiga Version, abgesehen von den üblichen, kleinen Unterschieden im Sound- und Grafik-Bereich, identisch. Es kam mir so vor als wäre auch das Scrolling beim ST nicht ganz so glatt. Doch auch die ST-Fassung ist eine empfehlenswerte Anschaffung.
AmigaPlay Time (May, 1991)
Abgesehen von der - praktisch unspielbaren - dritten Welt, bietet dieses Spiel alles was das Herz begehrt: Goldige Grafik, ein Passwort-System, gute Sound-Effekte und Zillionen von Gegenständen, deren Funktion es herauszufinden gilt. Langzeit-Motivation oder Frust-Orgie - das hängt in erster Linie von der Geschicklichkeit des Maus-Jockeys ab.
AmigaZero (May, 1991)
Yup, Brat is original and compelling stuff, it has to be said. My only worry is whether the compelling side of it is quite 'compelling' enough, as at times it can (I found) turn into a bit of a memory test (and my memory is virtually non-existent). That aside, though, there's one thing I can say without a shadow of a doubt. This game is no duffer! In fact it's the dog's!
AmigaAmiga Action (May, 1991)
Although it is just a type of platform game when you look at it, the control system really changes matters. The graphics are very good and the sound is absolutely amazing with loads of cutesy sampled speech. But when it comes down to it it's the original control method that will make the game a hit. This is the sort of stuff that makes computers worth owning.
AmigaAmiga Format (May, 1991)
Brat is a cute game to watch and a vicious beast to play. It calls for pixel perfect mouse work, inventive thinking around problems, and excellent timing. Colourful graphics supplement the game, adding character but they never overpower the core concept. It's a puzzle game in a cutie's clothing, and as so works better than the usual collection of blocks. Guiding the nipper away from doom ain't easy and won't appeal to everyone, but those who take the Brat on board are guaranteed sleepless nights, full of attempts to get the kid snoozing. Just like the real thing.
Atari STST Format (May, 1991)
Brat is a highly polished game with a unique control system. The attractive visuals are complemented by frantic gameplay - especially when Nathan is nearing the top of the screen and you can't whizz the cursor across the screen fast enough. It is very difficult to start with though, and you gradually get the feeling that having to go back to the start when you lose a life is detrimental overall. Still, such a novel game deserves to do well - it could start a whole new genre.
Initially Brat is an extremely appealing game. The novelty of the control method is challenging and interesting, and the learning curve is pitched pretty well. However, its frustration potential is so high that it holds your level of interest down after the Day One peak.
AmigaAmiga User International (May, 1991)
Brat's gameplay concept is, in a way, similar to Lemmings. You control the movements and actions of a 'dumb' being who will self-destruct at a given opportunity. Thankfully there is only one Brat and the graphics are much larger. The well-drawn 3D isometric play area gives the game a cutesy aura, and the accompanying soundtrack is pleasant enough not to need to be turned off! Overall, Brat is a very agreeable little game.
Atari STPower Play (Aug, 1991)
Der Sound hat nur geringfügig gelitten, das vorzügliche Spielprinzip nicht im geringsten und die Traumlandschaft des Rackers leuchtet auch auf dem Atari in buntester Farbenpracht. ST-Besitzer mit Geschicklichkeitsfimmel müssen zugreifen.
AmigaPower Play (May, 1991)
Ob Kinderfreund oder nicht: Brat muß man einfach mögen. Der ultracoole Dreikäsehoch erobert Spielerherzen im Sturm. Schon nach dem erstklassigen Vorspann in Zeichentrickqualität ist man von den Socken. Erstaunlicherweise fällt das Spiel nicht ab. Die Programmierer haben jede Menge originelle Einfälle verarbeitet und ein extrem benutzerfreundliches Geschicklichkeitsspiel geschaffen. Ein Riesenlob geht an den Grafiker, der Brat in allen Phasen des Spiels exzellent in Szene gesetzt hat - nur Lemmings bietet noch bessere Animationsphasen der Helden-Sprites. Dank der überraschend vielfältigen Anweisungen, die man Brat mittels Icons erteilt, kommt so schnell keine Eintönigkeit auf. Die Levels sind außerdem so geschickt aufgebaut, daß sich selten Teile wiederholen. Der Spieler wird mit immer neuen Extras und anderen Spielelementen bei Laune gehalten.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jul, 1991)
Grafisch und soundmäßig wird ein ziemlicher Kindergarten geboten, der aber durch das abwechslungsreiche Leveldesign, die hübschen Animationen und die witzigen Soundeffekte gut erträglich ist. Vor allem hat Brat ein recht originelles Spielprinzip vorzuweisen – ein Hauch von „Lemmings“ umweht die Träume des kleinen Rackers. Ganz so unterhaltsam wie die der suizidgefährdeten Wühler sind Nathans Abenteuer zwar nicht, aber wer sich einmal auf’s Babysitten eingelassen hat, kommt so scnell nicht mehr davon los!
AmigaAmiga Computing (Jun, 1991)
Brat is a lot of fun. Although initially frustrating, you'll soon find it to be a source of many hours of entertainment. Once again, it seems ImageWorks have delivered the goods.
AmigaCU Amiga (Apr, 1991)
Comparisons of Brat and Lemmings are inevitable, and the Psygnosis game is by far the more addictive and enjoyable of the two. Whilst Brat has better graphics and some very nice sound effects, the actual gameplay is tedious and long-winded. Even though the four worlds have been broken up into sections, being sent right back to the start is extremely annoying and frustrating. Similarly, the puzzle element isn't as strong as that of Lemmings, and the result is an uneven puzzler/platform romp which is impressive to look at but fails in the gameplay stakes.
AmigaDatormagazin (Mar 27, 1991)
Eeeemiiiiil!!!!!! Förgrymmade unge. Nu har den engelska versionen av Emil i Lönneberga kommit: Brat (=barnunge, rackarunge).
AmigaAmiga Power (May, 1991)
Beautifully programmed and with lovely sound and graphics, Brat is utterly ruined by a colossal misjudgement of character. If you can identify with Nathan, you're not the kind of person I'd want to meet down the pub on a Saturday night. In fact, I don't even think you should be allowed on the streets.
AmigaAmiga Power (Jun, 1991)
Very pretty, very smooth, very challenging. [...] ... and very, very imitating indeed, especially if you hate the central character. [...] Okay if you play it with the sound off.