My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Adventures in Ponyville Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Title screen
The intro explains the premise.
Our ambiguously silhouetted pony goes on a voyage of self-discovery.
The character generator
This is my character. Her dream is to discover and catalogue all the games and sports the ponies around Equestria have ever playedd.
Prancing around Ponyville
Help screen
Beginning a minigame
Get these cumuli outta the way.
Beware of the dark rainclouds.
A clear success.
Gathering apples on the farm
Thieves incoming
Animated intro to another minigame.
Work for your score and sparkles. Whoever this weird yellow-maned pony is.
Chatting with the locals.
We are presented with an ethics quandary.
Every answer is right.
For the people who love unlocking new content... get stuff like this for your score.