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TankPit is an online game which is a fan-created remake of the defunct browser game Battlefield. The players take control of tanks, choosing one of the four teams (distinguished by colours) and fighting each other on a battlefield. Registering an account on the website is not required to play, but is necessary to record scores. Each registered player can have several different tanks with separate scores and ranks.

After choosing a map and a team, the player is placed randomly on the map. By clicking on the playing area, the player can drive around and fire at enemy tanks. It's also possible to teleport to any distant spot chosen via an overhead map. The player can lay down mines as traps for enemy tanks, or use a radar which reveals hidden fuel and equipment pickups and enemy mines in the vicinity. The game is partially turn-based - while the player give their tanks commands in real time, the tanks execute their moves in turns.

The player's fuel gauge plays the role of a life bar; fuel is spent by moving, teleporting, laying mines, using the radar, shooting, or being hit by enemy fire. If the tank runs out of fuel, it is deactivated and the player must wait to respawn. Fuel can be replenished by collecting it from canisters hidden around the map, and the tank can also deposit some of its fuel anywhere on the map. Special equipment can be found by collecting pickups, or by destroying enemy tanks. The equipment includes better weapons, protective shields, and a long-range radar. Other map features include obstacles which can be pulled around by the tank and dropped elsewhere, and ferries used to travel on water.

Each tank starts with a rank of "recruit". Attacking enemies grants the player's tank experience points, allowing it to advance to higher ranks, though the highest ones also require to seek out and destroy other high-ranked tanks. If the tank is deactivated, it is demoted a rank. Achieving various feats (e.g. accumulating enough hours of gameplay) grants the tank medals and awards.


TankPit Browser Lots of blue mines here, so I laid down some of my own
TankPit Browser Main menu of the game client
TankPit Browser A tank's statistics
TankPit Browser In a skirmish with a pair of purple tanks

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