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Atari 50

Granny's Garden Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
You can start in section 2 if you've already completed section 1
I've waited all these years to see this game... I can wait a few minutes more
A real splash screen
A gatekeeping grid puzzle
Into the fantasy realm!
Setting up the story
Your mission
Doesn't matter; like Cedrick in KQ5, you're stuck with him
I hope I haven't spoiled the puzzle for too many
This looks kind of like Zork! For people with poor vision!
This amounts to a game over screen; you will be seeing a lot of it.
What more adventuring gear could one ask for?
One of those inventory items will vanquish this arbitrary obstacle, but maybe not the one you thought.
One child rescued, five to go!
Nothing says education quite like accidental psychedelia.
I'll thank you for not going into any further detail.
Exploring an Eastern realm
Ah-choo's favourite food is the same as MINE! How did he know? (Oh yeah, it asked me earlier...)
Charming textmode graphics
One of the game's most notorious puzzles, completed!
A still further section; visiting every location in the correct sequence is key.
Go ahead, do your worst!
Pleased to meet you! I'm the Player of the Software of Nostalgia.