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Red Storm Rising Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Sonar contact
Tactical View
Choose your sub.
Chose your level of play.
Choose what you want to play - training, single simulations or Red Storm Rising campaign.
The background story.
The Soviets make their plans.
The Soviets are up to no good.
The Russians prepare for war.
NATO subs are prepared for battle.
Main menu
Select the year that you want to play in.
Hit a Russian ship!
We've been hit by a torpedo!
Sunk a Russian sub!
Docking in port in Scotland.
Rating so far - not doing so good!
Resupplying in Scotland.
Finished a training mission.
Ending up in the hospital after my sub was sunk.
Warsaw Pact rolls across Germany.
News broadcast.
Spetsnaz commandos attack.
Receiving new orders.
Fleet moving.
The Warsaw Pact is on the move.
Carrier hit.
Warsaw Pact subs.
Peace talks.
The USA is now under Soviet control!
Sent to the Siberian gulag for failing to win World War III!
My rating - failure!